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Nest coworking & productive cluster in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Just steps off bustling 10th Avenue, tucked away in a peaceful courtyard, is Nest Coworking & Productive Cluster. Located in the heart of Playa del Carmen’s beach center, the Nest is accessed down a short walkway between two restaurants — a sushi restaurant called Sushi Ken and a wing place. Stop long enough to peer down the walkway between these two restaurants and you’ll spot the Nest sign.

First impressions are very good. The two-story building where the Nest is located has floor-to-ceiling windows on both levels that look out onto a private courtyard with palm trees and a vine-covered wall. The effect is one of peace and tranquility, perfect for anyone trying to get work done.

Owner, Cristobal Macin was outside talking on the phone, seated at a table which sported a brightly coloured umbrella. Despite being in the middle of a phone conversation, he smiled at me and took the time to greet me warmly and introduce me to one of his staff members, Cynthia.

Cynthia showed me the main floor workspace and meeting room and then introduced me to Monica Maldonado, the Nest’s Community Curator. Monica took over and proceeded to give me a thorough tour of the space. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and hospitality. It was evident that she loves her job and is proud of what the Nest has created for their members. When I asked her if she was the Community Manager, she explained that they prefer the title “Community Curator” over “Community Manager” because “we are not here to manage, we are here to create a community”.

Nest coworking main level workspace
Nest coworking main level workspace
Work counter on the main level

The space boasts two air-conditioned floors: The Creative Wing on the main level, and the Focus Room on the second level.

The Creative Wing is meant to be a little more lively, where people can talk openly without concern of necessarily interrupting others. Here you’ll find long open tables with remote workers busily hammering away at their laptops, a bar-style worktop, and some cozy chairs in the middle. There’s also a private meeting room and a counter where unlimited coffee, tea, fruit, cookies, and water are provided.

Second level coworking space at the Nest

The Focus Room on the second level is intended, as the name implies, for those who want a more quiet space to focus. Here again, you have a long open table where people are seated working.

My favourite spot was a work counter (think Starbucks) at the front of the room facing out onto the beautiful jungle views of the courtyard.

Work counter on the second level looking out onto the courtyard
My favorite spot at the Nest coworking space was this work counter on the second level facing the vine-covered wall in the courtyard

The Focus Room also features several telephone rooms –  small rooms where one can go to make phone calls and not disturb others.

Their plans vary from a daily drop-in fee of $15USD which includes 10 copies and prints, to a monthly membership at a cost of $250USD. The internet speed, from all the reviews posted, is excellent. Additionally, all guests get a locker and access to the receptionist.

Nest maintains a focus on being environmentally conscious and sustainable. More than 50% of their electricity comes from solar energy, and members who bicycle to the location receive a 10% discount on their monthly memberships.

Additionally, they have recycling and organic waste containers in their kitchen — something not commonly found in Playa del Carmen.

Monica says they work hard to create a community environment. They regularly host workshops and promote all kinds of local activities to their coworker members such as volleyball games and meditation.

The Nest has been around for about five years — a long time in the coworking world — and has about 30 coworker members and about 20 members who rent permanent office space on the second level. Of course, they also cater to traveling remote workers like me who take advantage of the space for a day, a week, or a month.

The only downside was that it was not easy to find. I cycled around for almost an hour searching for it, unknowingly driving by repeatedly as there are no signs on the street. I finally was able to find it by looking up their website on my phone and finding a picture of the street entrance which showed the two restaurants that flank the opening to the alley that leads to the Nest. I located the two restaurants and only then spotted the small entrance to the alley.

When I asked Monica about this, she said they were working on getting some street signage but that it is not an easy process.

The Nest exceeded my expectations in many respects –  the design and setup of the spaces and the atmosphere were extremely pleasant, comfortable, and conducive to productivity. I was equally impressed with the professionalism of the staff and with how much of a focus they put on catering to their members and to the environment and the community.

The Nest coworking space is an ideal environment for anyone needing a welcoming and comfortable place to work while in Playa del Carmen.

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