A Guide to Hiring and Managing Remote Employees

The essentials of recruitment, hiring, and effective management of workers

Managing remote workers has never been more essential in today’s workplace. As telecommuters grow in the workforce and companies place greater importance on distributing their teams, it’s essential to understand recruitment, hiring, and effective management of workers outside your office.

To help employers learn more about this important issue, the Remote Work Summit has published a Guide to Remote Employees. Download your copy here.

It’s also essential to know the compliance and legalities of hiring such employees. Discussing the modern workplace in a 2013 interview, Miami Real Estate billionaire Wilbur Ross stated that “the internet has changed the meaning of location.” Forbes declared: “Telecommuting is the future of work.”

Workers list a wide range of reasons for working remotely. Some cite safety concerns or the additional time and resources required for daily commuting. Many remote workers cite the surging real estate prices in the metro areas with the best potential for employment.

While the reasons may vary, telecommuting is a fact of life, business, and especially the world of startups. The core elements of remote management have never been more essential.


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